Pastor Abraham Jones is a Man of God filled with the Holy Spirit. He is a great teacher of the Word of faith and truth because God told him to “raise a people of faith that will please God and take the healing power of God all across the globe.” He is a father of three (2 boys and 1 girl) and he is married to Joshabelle.

He is also a healing Minister being used by Jesus Christ to touch lives. As a prophet of God, he teaches The Word of God in totality of the truth without sugar-coating. He sees and hears from God directly and ministers to people as the Spirit of God is leading him. During ministration, God may show him something about you, your family members (both far and near), close friends and even things about your personal life. On that note, he may request for you to keep coming until he gets a chance to speak with you in person.

We encourage you to come expecting your miracle; however, as you come please do not expect to be healed in one service because healing is a process; sometimes instantaneous, some other times procedural, and it can also be in stages. It is important that you keep attending services with a humble and open heart to receive your expectations from God.

You will be glad that you came because in Great Light, the Man of God teaches us deep insight and wisdom.

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